Big Eyes, Blue Skirt

As I was driving out of the gate up the street there was a woman walking. She looked around at the sound of my car. I wouldn’t say she was beautiful although she was striking. Mostly it was her eyes. Big and round, they filled her face. She was wearing a blue skirt which accentuated her hips and a nondescript top. I wanted to stop and offer her a lift up the hill. As I drove past her I picture her getting in my car, sitting sideways so she can have a better view of me while I drive. I looked in the mirror and thought I saw a look of disappointment on her face. I thought about reversing. But as I turned the corner and she disappeared from the rear-view mirror I felt a bit of surprise at that look. Didn’t women want to be left alone these days? Isn’t chivalry dead? As romantic as the picture I had in my mind there was another lurking just behind it. This one was a picture my cheeks turning red (or trying to) when she looks annoyed and says no it’s fine I can walk. And yet I feel I should have stopped anyway and offered her a ride. Red cheeks be damned.


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