The Ben Situation

Do you get the same sense that I get that social media is for whining and bitching? Someone should do a survey, just a sample mind you; to see what percentage of everything posted there is about complaining or making fun at someone versus acknowledging something or someone good. I think you find the majority will be the former. I don’t know what percentage but it will not be a close one.

Last week Thursday an announcement was made that Ben Affleck will play Batman in the Man of Steel sequel. Immediately there was uproar not seen since OJ was found not guilty by a jury of his peers. Every man and his penguin went onto twitter to complain about it. At least 70% of all posts about it were negative. I have a favourite movie site that I visit occasionally. It was full of comments about how the only failure bigger than Affleck playing Batman in the 2015 movie is the decision to cast him in the first place. He hasn’t even acted a single scene as Batman or Bruce Wayne. Did all these people travel into the future to see the movie and then come back to present day to tell us how bad it was?

What is funny is that there was an almost exact reaction to Heath Ledger being cast as The Joker in The Dark Knight. What is funnier is that the naysayers are now denying that there was any negativity to Heath Ledger’s casting. And even funnier than that is that when proof of this was presented the rhetoric changed to well you can’t compare the two, its apples and oranges etc. Someone even wrote back in 2008 that they didn’t believe that was Heath Ledger behind the make-up. They thought the studio or director or someone had gotten another actor to play The Joker. We all know what happened after the movie came out.

Regarding the 70% negative on twitter, I choose (perhaps naively) to believe the people who think he’ll be ok, or are reserving their judgement until the movie comes are not interested in throwing their gauntlet in the ring and sharing their opinion. Mostly because they have no idea how he will do! How can they when the movie hasn’t been shot yet.

When I go into see what topic is trending, once every ten times the topic is positive or neutral the other nine times they are making fun of someone or posting negative comments about something. This is what social media has become. A tool for the unhappy to express their frustrations and anger. A weapon for the bullies to use to inflict pain and spread negativity.

I look forward to the sequel to Man Of Steel. I look forward to seeing the chemistry between Affleck’s Batman and Cavill’s Superman.


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