Bad Habits

So I have this bad habit that I picked up from someone. I’m not sure who it was but it’s really annoying. I’ve been trying to be single for a while now but I cannot seem to get it right. I know it will be good for my soul and my spirit to be single for a while. But this knowledge doesn’t seem to be enough to stop me from searching.

I’ve managed to get myself single this time with absolutely no prospects in sight (probably coz my last relationship lasted a full two months!). What I need to do is fill my days with activities and not leave any space to go ‘exploring’. I’ve already had two near-misses last week! Anyway, I’ve been mostly good (except when I went to Botswana two weeks ago and I collected a girl’s number; but that doesn’t count coz I didn’t call her or anything).

Which is funny because a week after that I asked two separate girls for their numbers. This stupid habit of mine. Luckily for me (and them!) they said no thank you. So I survive another week. Two months gone ten more to go…


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