This Week

It’s been a weird few days. Can’t decide if I’m having a good week or not. Perhaps this is what an average week looks like?

Today is Secretaries Day. I wished our office secretary a happy one but I didn’t get her anything. Feeling a bit bummed about that. I’ll bring her something tomorrow. I came in very late to work. I had to go and change my nephew’s watch at Aldo and they only open at 09:00. While I waited to get up I read the bible (Mathew) for the first time in maybe two years or so, give or take a year. After I showered I didn’t feel like leaving the house. Just wanted to stay in and read with a glass of wine, watch some TV and just do nothing. But I had to go into the office. On the way to Aldo I got a red bull and vitamin water. After I changed the watch I went to Woolies and got myself three pairs of pants.  I felt guilty even though the truth is I do (did) need more pants. Anyway I couldn’t shake the guilt, so I got to the office and started to work on my budget for a bit. I realised that I cannot afford that A250 Sport I want so badly. Not just yet. I will need another R6000 at least of income to even bother going to a dealership. We’ll see what happens. I may get it. The additional R6000 that is. I also realised I’ve got some big budget items on my budget list! The bond and the rent; maintenance for my two kids; cell-phone contracts; insurance etc. I was feeling a bit depressed (my own version of depressed – I don’t think I’ve ever been really depressed my whole life) when I realised I have Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite on my computer. So I put my earphones on, put the music on and instantly felt betterJ. I didn’t buy lunch today.

Yesterday was Tuesday. My ex’s birthday. I wished her a happy birthday in the morning. She said thanks in the evening. That means nothing of course. I left work early to pick up a parcel from the post office. I ordered some movies from Amazon and one of three deliveries had arrived. The first package had 5 BluRays including A Touch of Evil, Miller’s Crossing, Mulholland Drive, 12 Angry Men and Once Upon a Time in The West. I watched A Touch of Evil last night and followed that with Miller’s Crossing. ATOE was brilliant, some of the best acting I’ve seen. Orson Welles was a genius. I will have to start and Orson Welles collection. Miller’s Crossing by the Coen brothers was disappointing. It started off well; that opening scene looked like out of a Scorsese film but it started wandering a bit and then a lot. At the post office I had to deal with a woman who clearly didn’t want to deal with me even though she gets paid to deal with me. She palmed me off to another woman who palmed me off to another guy. As he was writing my name on a piece of paper he remembered that he had received my parcel the day before. This made up for the two experiences that immediately preceded this. I collected my parcel after having to leave to draw money as they do not take cards and went on my merry way. (FYI, I have now moved on to Maxwell’s MTV Unplugged). Not much was happening during the day, mostly I was just finalising my travel plans for Tanzania (Oh yes, I’m going to Tanzania for two weeks on Sunday. I’ve managed to squeeze in a tour of the Dar es Salaam in there and trip across the ocean to Zanzibar for a couple of days) and South Sudan. I decided to go home this weekend. I’m collecting the keys to the house and I wanted to surprise the parents and a friend’s son was born on Sunday so we want to celebrate it a little. Plus I’ve been missing my daughter so it’s a chance to see her again. I had a chat with her mother and we were quite civil with each other. I even asked her if I can get a lift to the airport on Sunday morning and she said yes! So yesterday was a pretty good day. I also realised that I need to seriously evaluate my reason for staying with this company.

Monday started out horribly. A mini-disaster. My car refused to start. No matter what I did it was just not interested in starting. My neighbour who was about to leave for work helped me out. We tried kicking it but nada. Eventually we just decided to jump it. It finally decided it had had its fill of fun and started up. This would have been a great experience except I had promised her that I would go to the open market to support her as she was going to be selling her baked goods for the first time. I forgot. Until she offered to help Monday morning. Then I remembered. Sometimes I can be a bit of a dickhead. Sometimes. My first stop was the Ford garage to ask them what the problem was. I have to change my battery and it’s going to cost me R1400. I told them I would return the following day and they said no problem. When I got to Ford I wasn’t sure who to speak to so I spoke to the first person I bumped into. The lady, with levels of enthusiasm I haven’t seen since Louise went to prison and Peter had to look after the family, looked up at me and asked if she could help. I explained the problem to her and she said she see to me once she was done with another customer. When she was done with the other customer she decided to make small chatter with the cleaning lady in the office close to reception. After a while I decided that I couldn’t very well sit there and wait for her to finish her stories with the cleaning lady, so I went into the office to ask her if she was done with the last customer. She apologised and said she had forgotten about me. She didn’t apologise, she said an automatic sorry with about as much sincerity as you can get from a wooden spoon. I decided to come the next day to sort out the battery. Of course when I was done there I had to drive my nephew to school. It was way too late to let him take a taxi to school. When I got back and joined the M1 on the way to work I sat in the worst traffic I’ve ever been since I started using that road. An hour and a half later I was walking into the office. I should have been there an hour earlier.

Sunday was my other ex-girlfriend’s birthday. I didn’t wish her a happy birthday.  I hope it was.


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