Dar es Salaam


A bit of rain on the way home

Day two is done. I’ve been so caught up in work I haven’t really thought about this city or this country much. Sure on the way from the brewery to the hotel you see things on the road but I’ve been so tired that that’s all they’ve been. Things on the road.

So what can I tell you? There’s obviously hectic traffic. That seems to be a thing for East Africa. Tanzania and Uganda are the same. So is Kenya. It seems to have a life of its own. The traffic that is. The drivers are  not making decisions. They are merely the hands on the wheel and the bodies behind it. The boda boda’s don’t help calm the nerves. It helps to have a driver who’s not scared to drive on the wrong side of the road.
I eventually get home from the brewery and go straight to dinner. The Kilimanjaro draft is calling. Will see what tomorrow holds.


Pushing your cart in the middle of the road is perfectly acceptable


About to have dinner at the hotel by the pool


The boda boda's inspired by Uganda


A boat on the intersection


A car(t). Not a Toyota


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