Such a happy person! Shes having the time of her life. I suspect she does this most times. Have the time of her life. The joy at the expectation of her dessert was wonderful to watch :-). And her running commentary as she eats! “Oh, is this the chef?” she pipes up. It is indeed the chef. And as he heads over to their table she starts clapping. Happiness all around. 

She laughs from the next table and I remember her happiness. Perhaps now I understand it better? They’re getting ready to leave. Her son, who is also the husband takes after his mother. He is making jokes as he stands and stretches. Having dinner on the floor when you’re pushing what must be fifty cannot be easy. As they put their shoes on I tell him what’s been on my mind. They’re the happiest family I have ever met. He smiles, tells the waiter asante and takes his wife’s hand.

They walk down the stairs, following his mother. Pole pole.


2 thoughts on “Happiness

  1. This is the second best random thought I like. I learned that Life is Fun.. If you project positive energy to the universe you will get double dose of positive energy… Happiness is a choice.. I choose to be happy always… It’s “unacceptable” to be sad 😊


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