Heritage Day

So there are still people out there who are oblivious to the real world. These people have become very adept at playing victim. And as they go on their race rant they know they have supporters who will jump on the band wagon and sprout the same nonsense. 

The latest of these is the once a year debate on braai day vs heritage day. Its like those guys who only pray and go to church on Christmas day. Or those that only remember they’re fighting for women’s right in August. A month from now, hell a week from now, these same people would’ve forgotten the debate. Until September 23 2014 when some newspaper or radio station will remind them that promoting a braai on heritage day is tantamount to burning our constitution and the return of apartheid. They will voice their outrage at this gross injustice while making sure plans for the braai they are going to run smoothly. They will tweet about how its become commercialised and how that’s taken away from the meaning of the day while they send out invites to a braai at their house on Facebook. And of course its just a matter of re tweets before someone throws in the words ‘whites’ and ‘blacks’. And the ‘victims’ come out in full force. It’s understandable really since government officials will be making rounds to every house in the country to dictate how the day should be celebrated. And they will be carrying charcoal and braai tongs just in case.

Just to be clear I will be going out to buy the thickest fillet and rump steaks I can find today. And I will be having a braai tomorrow. In fact, I will start a movement to make Heritage Day as big a holiday as Christmas. I want people to be sharing gifts with each other that expose their friends to their cultures. I want businesses to take their employees to Heritage Day dinners like they do for Christmas. To have work functions celebrating our South African culture. I want DSTV and SABC to play exclusively South African content during Heritage Month. Radio stations dedicate days to SA music. Small businesses must spring up that sell authentic(or otherwise) Heritage Day stuff months before the actual day. Heritage Day events (read parties) must be announced in July already. South African artists (music, TV, authors etc) must band together to create a truly unique experience.



I will in all likelihood fail in this endeavour. But if there’re two of us our chances double. And perhaps if enough people take charge it can succeed. There are many south africans who hold their own destinies in their own hands. They cannot be defeated by the ignorant minority. We are surrounded by negativity daily in the media, when we walk the streets, on our way to work. On this one day when our diversity should be uniting us, when we should be celebrating the unique and difficult heritage our country has, we manage to fuck it up. I would refuse to partake in this debate if I thought it was meaningless. But its not. Its another opportunity for those sowing division to plant yet more seeds. And every time we say I’m not getting involved we are giving them license to continue. Remember that if nothing else.



Happy Heritage Day. May it remind you to be tolerant of others and encourage you to learn about the cultures of not just our country but of Africa.


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