My Last Meal in Zanzibar

My food has arrived and after the first fork of tuna the world around me seems to fade out of existence. The squid and passion fruit salad I had as a starter was an explosion of flavour in my mouth. This. This is something else entirely. This is a feeling that goes so deep and touches so many parts of your being it’s difficult to describe. It’s an intense orgasm of taste. I don’t want it to end.

I finish my food and drink from my forgotten glass of shiraz-grenache.

My dessert arrives. Its all sugar and small amagwinya. I dispense with the cutlery and use my hands. The couple next to me get their food. They look like models here on honeymoon. Even the smell of tobacco from their smoke is fine. It adds to the atmosphere. Enhances it somehow.

I finish my dessert and my wine and ask for a black coffee. It’s time to go home.


2 thoughts on “My Last Meal in Zanzibar

    • Hahaha. Yes I did! That was the best meal I had there. But there were others that were pretty close. Like the changu fish freshly caught. That was amazing. Now I must make it myself…

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